Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes, it pays to thoroughly read your email. I have been so busy lately and have just been scanning or deleting emails I haven't had time to read. I recently responded to an email from a PTO friend at Matty's school regarding help with the 8th grade party. I said I would be there from 8-9:30 a.m. to help out. I briefly scanned & deleted all other emails regarding the party because I had already responded. No use completely reading them when I have all the info I need & they weren't marked 'urgent'. Oops! Guess again.

Well, yesterday's party rolls around and HELLO! It's a full-blown 8th grade graduation! What?! Needless to say, I didn't help out. I took my seat & enjoyed myself! I do feel bad that Omid wasn't able to be there. Oh well - That's what mom's are for, right?! RIGHT!!

Note: Matty wasn't the only one in jeans so please don't give me (or him) grief about this. Less than half the boys dressed up. Matty is like me - he dresses for comfort. ;)

What happens when your last name begins with a Z? You are last in line (but not least!!).

8th grade graduate! On to high school!!!


Chris and Sarah said...

He might've gotten the loudest cheers in the whole room! Wow!

bgygi said...

Congrats Matty! I think he looked nice - love that shirt!

erinz said...


Arezou said...

Congratulations Matty...And definitely Erin...
Eyes got all misty. Can't believe he is off to highschool. Very proud of you, Matty.

erinz said...

He's a good boy!!