Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Fun!

In case anyone missed my posts these last few days...I was on vacation. I loved every darn minute of it too. My darling husband decided a month ago that we all needed a break from the gray, cold northwest weather & booked us a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Yay!! The weather was LOVELY. The palm trees & bouganvillea were LOVELY. Disneyland & California Adventure were LOVELY. All in all, we had a lovely time! The only sad part: we missed Remy something terrible.

It will take me several days to blog about the trip, so I will start with the end - because it's juicy.

See this guy? What a CREEP! The news is full about people going crazy on airplanes. This guy was one I thought for sure would go crazy. He was a complete poop on the plane, but off the plane is where he lost his temper.
There was this adorable little boy sitting behind Nas, Matty & I. He was about 2 or 3. He was sleeping and when the plane began it's descent, he woke up crying because his ears were hurting. This little boy started out whimpering and after a few minutes, it turned into loud crying. The crying didn't bother us - because our ears were hurting too - so we understood how he felt.
The CREEP in the photo above: he was clearly agitated that this boy was crying. He muttered under his breath 'shut up' several times. Then....he leans over to the mom (who also had an infant in her lap) to "Shut that kid up!" WHAT!?! The mom just ignored him. The grandma (bless her heart) was sitting right behind the jerk, stood up and gave him a piece of her mind. He just ignored her. Matty asked if he could punch him (ha!). I turned around and reassured the mom that the boys crying was not bothering us. Several other passengers did the same. Soon after, we landed and everyone around us was glaring at this guy & muttering jerk under their breaths. I just stared at him with my meanest eyes. He stared back at everyone around him, nonplussed about what had just happened.
While leaving the plane, Matty (who was seated across the aisle from him) got up at the same time as this jerk. The jerk wanted to get himself plus his wife and young daughter off the plane fast. You know the type. But he underestimated Matty. Matty was so good. He wouldn't budge and let several people go ahead, making the jerk wait. :)
The pick up area is where the jerk really lost it. We were about 10 feet away from him when we overhead him call for his ride. The conversation went like this (anything in capital letters is YELLING!).
We are outside Alaska where you pick people up. PICK PEOPLE UP!!!! What?! BAGGAGE CLAIM! I SAID BAGGAGE CLAIM. F***! (He was also shaking his fist at the sky - no joke!).
F***! When will you get here? Just....HURRY UP!!!!
About 60+ people heard this conversation. Everyone was staring at him. His wife realized this and was patting his arm, asking him to calm down. Then he turned on her.
The good thing: what goes around comes around! I hope you get it good, Mister!


Chris and Sarah said...

Holyl CRAP! The jerk must've not just come from the Happiest Place on Earth, right?!?!? What an idiot! I wish I could've seen Matty let all those people out of the aisles like you described..... (fist bump)

Unknown said...

Mateen Joon I am proud of you. you did the best job.