Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Kick-off!

School is finally out and our good friend Jeff decided it was time to start the summer off with a bbq - just not as his house. Omid's parents were nice enough to host the party. Omid & Ward made ribs (a contest). Actually it was no contest. Omid's ribs won hands down like always. You can't mess with perfection! The boys checking out the ribs.

Omid's baby back ribs. Sooooooo goooooood.
This was before he painted them with his secret bbq sauce.

Omid's ribs are finger-licking good!

Hungry kidlets.

After dinner, Omid's dad made Turkish coffee for everyone. Omid's mom has a hidden talent we never knew she had. Fari can read coffee grounds!

Sampling Turkish Coffee

Wards coffee grounds about to be interpreted.

What does it say???!

Wards grounds said what we all knew. He has a big ego & is full of wisdom. So funny!
Lin found out she was going to get a 'big diamond' soon. She is really looking forward to that!

Next we all played the game Catchphrase. So much fun! It started out as the boys against the girls. The boys didn't like that we were winning, so then we switched to all play. We are a competetive bunch - I only wish I had taken video of the rounds. It was a lot of fun!

The girls winning - like always!

"It has big feet, big shoes & a red nose..."
The word was clown, but Omid guessed Rudolph. So funny!

Get this game for loads of fun! Just look at Ward laughing if you need confirmation!

*We actually heard about this game about ten years ago while we were camping. The campsite next to us was having so much - Naseem went to investigate. The next thing we know, Naseem is sitting around a picnic table with this family having loads of fun. We bought the game a few days later.

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