Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Fun Part 2

Let me just start by saying if I don't fly away somewhere, I don't consider it a vacation. Omid knew this and thankfully we were able to fly out to visit sunny California. Thanks honey! This beautiful sight was ten minutes out of PDX. I had my iPod on, so was unable to hear what the Mtns. the pilot said they were. I am guessing Bachelor and of the Sisters?
Our first stop once we landed was at In-N-Out burger. Matty enjoyed his 'double-double."

Disneyland!!! I don't think you are ever too old to visit.

Ohh! Cruella DeVille.
Look at Omid - he's scared!

The Sword and the Stone. Matty tried first.

Then Nas....

I pushed Nas aside and had a go. No luck.
We missed the show - otherwise I would have been up front yelling, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Naseem was in churro heaven! She had them a lot.

Lucky shot with Mickey.
I have visited Disneyland 4 times and DisneyWorld twice. Not once have I ever been able to get a picture with Mickey. The lines were always too long to wait. But not this time! There were only 6 people in front of us. It pays to visit the park early!

Shot from California Screamin'
I was a screaming momma on this ride. Lots of fun!

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