Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun Part 3

Waiting for Thunder Mountain Railroad. Guess what!? One second after I took this photo, the ride broke down. We had to come back a few hours later (& stand in another 45 min line) to ride it.
California Adventure


Tower of Terror photo! Omid is genuinely sick!!
This was the one and only time he went on this ride.

One of my favorite rides! Tower of Terror!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Tea Cup Rides

Oooh! The exclusive Club 33! Matty found it for me.
We had dinner reservations downstairs at Blue Bayou. While we were waiting for our names to be called, we watched America's Rich & Famous ring the secret doorbell & go inside. I waited, but no one invited us to join them.

Walt's Club 33
Club 33 Secret Doorbell

Inside Blue Bayou
The restaurant is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (by the swamp section).
It was so cute!

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Chris and Sarah said...

I loved the Tower Of Terror!