Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beatin' the Heat

We've had two glorious days of 95* weather here. To cool off, we decided to head to the river. We motored out to Ackerman Island (directly across from Hwy 14).

Remy knows boat safety!

Cooling off & playing fetch!

Go Remy, go!

Remy dug about 100 holes (& I stepped in at least 89 of them).

Less than 75 feet from us - we spotted this beaver. There was another one swimming in the water (close to where Remy was fetching sticks). I am so thankful Remy did not spot them!
This guy's teeth were HUGE!

Beautiful sunset!

Just about one minute after the sunset, we watched the moon rise.

Such a great day on the water! Nas - you missed out!

1 comment:

Chris and Sarah said...

I LOVE that you saw a beaver!! What are the chances?? Fun times on a hot day!