Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Try This!!

I was recently put on a strict budget. I was spending $ as if I was still working full-time AND don't have children to put through college. I am cutting back everywhere EXCEPT for my hair appointments. I refuse to go back to coloring my own hair & walking around town with patches of hair that somehow got missed. No way.

I did give up my Prescriptives & Lancome make up. They were luxury items, I'll admit it. Nas found a new product at Walmart that she loved. I purchased some too. It made the switch from 'department' store make up to 'drugstore' make up much easier.
This is it: Hard Candy Primer. $8 from Walmart. It feels like cashmere on my face. I also noticed I used much less foundation with this product. (but still got good coverage). I like that it feels luxurious and the price is within my 'beauty budget.' Try it!!