Monday, August 9, 2010

Tasty Thai!

Omid cooked Thai last night! Crispy spicy fish to be exact. YUM!
Lin & her mom, Ying

Crispy spicy fish, Persian rice & tahdeeg

B: this is a close-up for you!

Here is the sturgeon I caught a month ago. Deep fried to crispy goodness!
During dinner, we talked about what we always talk about with the Kelloggs: Pullman! We planned & purchased (thank you internet & AMEX) an upcoming weekend in our former stomping grounds all before dinner was over. I was happy that I didn't purchase a sweatshirt at Disneyland for $60. Now I can purchase a new WSU sweatshirt for $60 instead. :)

Go Cougs!!

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bgygi said...

I can almost smell it!! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!