Thursday, March 21, 2013

Get Crafty!

Do you washi? I do!
I have started using it on everything! Washi tape adds a bit of fun to whatever item you put it on.
I bought these rolls through Pick Your Plum.
Last week, I used washi tape to cover a mistake on a gift tag. I have three friends named Lyn/Lin/Lynn. My gift was for Lyn, but I wrote Lin. Instead of tossing the tag, I just 'washied' right over the error. I love how it turned out.☺
washi gift tag
I made the tasty Ritz Cracker-Rolo cookies to share today at a potluck. I had originally placed the cookies on a cute paper plate, but was unhappy about how they looked (boring). Then I had an idea.
My cute idea!☺
I placed three Ritz-Rolo cookies in a nut cup.

Next, I secured the bag with Scotch tape.

Then I taped a piece of washi over the Scotch tape.

Last, I cut a triangle notch out of the washi.
Festive, no?
I even 'washied' a spoon to accompany a granola snack.☺
Get 'washi-ing!' It's addictive.☺


Unknown said...

Aww, is that last one my gift. You're so cute and sweet.

Unknown said...

Aww, is that my gift? You're so cute and sweet!