Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Shred: Update Week 3

Now I know why this is the hardest week of the cleanse: I am feeling hungry between meals & snacks, where I was not before. Not bad hunger pangs, but enough that my stomach rumbles.

I have been drinking extra water & chewing gum to curb the hunger pangs. The gum is definitely working! The downside of that: I have young students who constantly ask, "Are you chewing gum?" Definitely have to save the gum for when I am not working with the 'littles.'

I know this cleanse is working. How? Omid was away on business for two weeks. He knew I was thinking about the cleanse, but didn't know if I had started it or not. When I picked him up from the airport the other day, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Wow!" AND that was only for 5 lbs!

I had a glass of cabernet last night with my dinner and it tasted oh so delicious. I think I have figured out why the wine was a turn off the first week. I had several bouts of an intense bitter taste in my mouth the first week.  Sometimes it would come & go, other times it lasted for about half an hour or so. The research I found online (from several different sources) said if you are doing a cleanse, you will have periods of a bitter taste in your mouth. Apparently these are the toxins leaving your body. Makes sense to me!

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