Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Shred - Update

I am on day 6 of the Shred diet & it's been going pretty good. Here are a few thoughts & observations so far:

The first day, I was hungry. I know this is because I was eating in a totally different pattern that what I was used to. The Shred is about spacing your meals every three to four hours to raise your metabolism. My previous pattern was to eat several snacks (not necessarily small) between meals, sample everything I baked that day AND eat a large meal for dinner. I haven't baked in over a week and I really miss it. BUT....I know that I need to cut down on the sugar intake; so it's going to be worth it.☺

Wine: I was totally looking forward to enjoying my 3 glasses of wine a week. What came as a total surprise to me was that when I allowed myself my first glass on Wednesday, it didn't taste that good to me and I didn't even finish it. What!? 100% true! I had a second glass last night with dinner and I felt the same as I did on Wednesday. Interesting! *Update: I am now on week 3 & wine tastes delicious again.☺

Protein shakes: This was another surprise. I am really liking the shakes a lot!☺ I make them with almond milk, which I have never tried before. It's really good. Costco sells a box of 6 for $8.99. That comes out to $1.49/carton. I've seen this same brand at other stores for $2.19/carton.

I have found that even though I was really hungry on the first day, I am getting used to the 3-4 hours between meals. I am usually not even hungry by the time my final meal rolls around at 7:00 p.m. I didn't even eat all my dinner last night. Another surprising thing: I ate all my veggies and just a few bites of the chicken.

This of course was just the first week. I know the longer I go, it will be more challenging. I am happy that this first week was successful and I rose to the challenge. Go ME!!☺

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