Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost & Found!

I took Remy on a walk today around noon. It was quite windy and I needed both a hat and a coat. My favorite hat is the one I purchased a few months ago for the Baby Dorr fundraiser & I usually keep it in my car. When Remy and I returned from our walk, I placed the hat on my trunk, with the intention of placing it in my car later. When it was time to pick the kids up from school, I completely forgot about my Baby D hat and drove off!

On our way home, I saw some people walking their dog & they both were wearing hats. My brain quickly remembered that I was also wearing a hat...but I had no recollection of taking it off my trunk and placing it in my car! Both Nas & Matty were so good about looking for my hat on the busy road. Thanks kids!! I had visions of it covered with tire tracks. We turned onto our street and spotted the hat on a fence post. Whoever you are...Thanks so much! I love my hat! Lesson learned: Always put things back where they belong!



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Yeah! for found things! Love that!

More Dorrs said...

Nice head covering.