Friday, May 29, 2009

Love affair gone bad

A year or so ago, I fell in love with MAC cosmetics; specifically their eye shadow & paint. I used it for eyeliner and thought this stuff was magic. I am now breaking up with MAC. For some reason, my left eye hates the stuff. I now have another gross bump from the eye paint. After the last bump was removed, I religiously sterilized the eyeliner brush & paint every morning. Yesterday morning, I woke up to a terrible bump and knew it was the MAC. I am so sad. I now have to find yet another eyeliner to wear. Any suggestions?


Laurel said...

Hey, the same thing is happening to me! I just had to purchase new eyeliner and mascara. My left eye lid has been swollen and itchy. Weird.

The Rinkels said...

I love Smashbox eyeliner. You apply it with a brush (they provide). Good luck!

Maybe it's just something in Camas.
Perhaps you should both move to Oly. Hm?

sbaily said...

How awful. I have been using it since last year when you, Nas and I went shopping in Portland. I like it too.

Do you use the powder eyeliner? That is what I use.

erinz said...

Yes! The paint pot for glue and the powdered shadow for liner. :(