Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Party

Omid spent the better part of the day prepping food for Lin's bday party today. On Wednesday, he and I watched Rick Steves Travels in Europe. That particular episode, Rick visited Tuscany. We were so hungry watching the delicious Italian food and sangiovese wine. So today, we paid tribute to Rick Steves and Omid bought some artichokes & grilled them.We also bought some of the Tuscan wine to sample. In a word: scrumptious. Omid also made Persian bbq (grilled koobideh kabobs, jujeh kabobs, salad shirazi, rice & sabzi). We cheated on the cake and bought cupcakes from Coscto instead (you can't argue with a $5 coupon!).


Waiting for our very late guests to arrive!

Omid prepping artichokes.

grilled artichokes.

Omid giving Austin a lesson on how to ride the z50.

Nas & Lia

Bday girl with Tammie & Maddie.

Ward & Omid launching the potato gun. This gun was so loud, Remy stayed inside and was shaking from fright. I tried to capture it on video but somehow, the sound of the explosion is missing. It was me!

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