Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend in Oly

The kids, Remy & I spent some time in Oly this weekend. First stop was to see Sammee's new baby chicks. They aren't so new anymore. They actually look more like chickens than chicks. Here is Sammee showing off "Sugar."

Next, my mom and I stopped at the local farm stand off Mud Bay Road. B said to look for the 'adorable painting of corn riding a rollercoaster.' I looked all over that darn farm stand (thinking it was a mural on the wall). My mom finally asked the cashier. It was right behind where we were standing. It was cute!Cousins!

Later, my dad and I made tortilla bowls for taco salad. They were good. Papa also made margaritas with a homemade simple syrup. 2 cup Tequila, 1/2 c simple syrup, 1 cup lime juice. Delish!

Grammy listening to the new Pet Shop Boys song (I forced her to listen).

Here Cynce is demonstrating her LOVE for vanilla vodka. She has a new 64 calorie recipe she loves. 1 shot vanilla vodka, ice & Diet 7 Up. She loves it...I wasn't such a fan.

Besides being Mother's was also Cayden's 5th Birthday!

We gave him new Crocs!

And....a t-shirt that has a whimsical French phrase about kissing dogs on the lips (made by my friend Sarah - Thanks Sarah!!).

B & the Ham.

B getting loves from Remy. Everyone was so happy to see he was alive & well.
Matty & Julius. Matty exercised Julius a lot this weekend. The dog has become quite the chubster!

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Chris and Sarah said...

1. Looks like you had fun!
2. That shirt came out really well!
3. Bye!