Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miracle Dog!

Remy should not be here right now. He absolutely shouldn't be. But THANK GOD he is! He had a brush with death last night and is so darn lucky to be alive today! Thanks to EVERYONE who prayed for our baby!!!

Here's what happened. Last night Remy went into Naseem's room, looking for 'something' to bring to us. He loves to go into the kids' room and bring stuff for us to try and take away from him. I wasn't worried about him as this is a regular occurence and was just waiting for him to bring a sock, hair tie, homework (!), or something. He went in & then came out 'empty handed.' I thought it was because Nas cleaned her room. 15 minutes later...Naseem SCREAMED and brought down a torn up Trident Sugarless Gum package and lots of empty foil wrappers. Remy had eaten between 7-11 pieces of gum! Somehow, Remy had nosed his way into Nas' purse. Sugarless gum is TOXIC to dogs. Xylitol is safe for humans - but one piece can kill a small dog.

I told Omid and we called Dove Lewis Emergency Pet Hospital & they said to get there ASAP! Omid & I hopped into the car, arrived at DLPH & Remy was whisked away from us. We weren't allowed back with him but had to sign a form and initial the treatment options. Of course I opted for "do anything to save my dog's life - even if it does cost $8,000.00." I really started to lose it and couldn't even see the form for my tears when they had me initial if I wanted CPR or not if Remy went into cardiac arrest. Yes! This is our baby and every life saving measure needed to be taken!

Remy was immediately given medication to make him vomit. The vet said he threw up an 'amazing' amount of gum, some food and a strawberry. We were extremely lucky. If we had waited until morning to get Remy to the vet, he WOULD NOT BE ALIVE! Remy has to have his liver & blood glucose levels checked again this morning and for the next several weeks. He still could have liver damage and they won't know for sure for a while.

I am just so thankful Nas saw the evidence after it happened and that Remy got the immediate care he needed!!!

Please make sure your pets don't eat gum, candy or toothpaste! Xylitol is found in most sugarless gum, toothpaste & now is found in a lot of candy. If your dog does eat gum...get him/her to the vet right away!!!

Here is Remy after we got home late last night. You can see he didn't feel so well. :(
Please continue to pray for Remy. He is not out of the woods yet. The next 48 hours are critical for him. Also pray for Nas...she thinks it's her fault & IT IS NOT! I have a brand new pack of gum in my purse he could have taken. It was just a freak accident!


bgygi said...

Poor baby!! He doesn't look well in that photo. Praise God that you found the evidence so quickly! We are continuing to pray for him. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from us. I hope Nas feels better too. It absolutely is not her fault! I have a story for her about Hammish and I and a bandage; just after I spent $5000 to fix his legs!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Poor Remy! He does look under the weather (and guilty!). I should be thanking my lucky stars that Goliath is alive and kicking, too! He's probably eaten 8 or 10 pieces of gum in his lifetime..... yikes! Once he ate a piece of gum that was in my pocket, but he CHEWED THROUGH THE FABRIC TO GET TO IT.

Laurel said...

I sent you an email before I read the post. I'm so happy he's alright. We've been there and it's no fun. Nas- it was an accident. i.e. not meant to happen an not your fault.