Friday, May 8, 2009

Stool Tool & Cool Tunes

No...this is NOT a hair pick...though it does look like one! This is Remy's new 'stool tool' that came in the mail today. This was one of the prizes he won as a clean water canine. You can get one at Stool tool and doggie bag dispenser with bags. Congrats Remy!Remember ghetto blasters?

Now we have iPod blasters! Fun! *Sorry the image is blurry...Omid was dancing!


bgygi said...

Where did you find that ghetto blaster pix? Cool, very cool!

Chris and Sarah said...

I also really like that guy's belt and all of the many accessories he has attached to it.

erinz said...

I will email you your very own copy! I just googled 'ghetto blasters' on came up!