Friday, May 15, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Omid took Matty to an empty gravel pit near Highway 14 to ride his little Z50. Omid decided it would be fun to also go '4 wheeling' in his Excursion. I went along too (even though I had a sore throat & headache. I figured the sunshine would do me good). Matty

Omid & Matty
We're going up, up, up.....

Omid insisted I ride along with him and take some photos with my phone.

Afterwards, Omid got on the bike and zoomed around the pit for a while.

What!? You never seen a grown man on a teeny motorcycle?!

Trailer hitch.

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Laurel said...

Patrick loves to go outback. It makes me nervous. We've been on some scary trails. It takes a little skill.