Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Remy!

Yesterday just wasn't his day. He seemed out of sorts and was mopey in the morning. I took him for a walk and he was just fine and dandy. Omid came home later in the afternoon (on the scooter); and the two played a dangerous game of 'chase.' The game was going like it always does...Omid ahead, then Remy ahead, then Omid ahead. Well, this time, after Omid 'won' the game, Remy nipped/bit Omid on the calf. He has NEVER done this before. Omid couldn't believe it (I don't think Remy believed it either!). We looked at Omid's leg and sure enough, Remy had nipped him hard enough to puncture the skin.

After that, I took Remy for another walk/run to burn off any excess energy he had. He came home and slept. He seemed fine and was excited to go for a car ride with me to pick Nas up from an activity. I saw our district superintendent at the HS and he wisely stood back about 10 feet to conversate with me (as he saw Remy's formidable presence in the front seat. Remy can look downright menacing at times!). When Nas came to the car, Remy refused to move to back seat and just ignored Nas' commands. He finally listened to her & begrudgingly moved to the back seat. As we were driving by Lacamas Lake, Remy spied a box of tissues on the seat and starting pulling them out of the box (one by one) and eating them. I was driving and had to try and grab him with my right hand and tell him to STOP! Nas was completely oblivious to what was going on as she was listening to her iPod. I finally had to get her attention and ask for her help so I could get us home safely.

When we got home, Remy went straight to his kennel and just sat moping in there. I have no idea why he had such a bad day and was acting out. Not even my special treats could make him happy.

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Laurel said...

We er Peanut has days like that. She hasn't touched a single toy or Rowan's until 2 days ago. One rattle was chewed to oblivion.