Friday, June 26, 2009

I want to visit this place!

A friend of mine just went on a field trip to Conway Family Goat Farm in Camas with her Kindergarten group. They got to play with & hold baby goats. I was so envious! I am waiting to hear when this place is open to visit so I can hold a baby goat too.

**Update: Just heard from Conway Farms. They are not open to the public, but only for private events. If I can get a minimum of 35 people (at $5 a piece), we can schedule a visit to see the goats. If not, then I will just have to wait until August 4th (when I can tag along with a preschool group) or September 19 for their open house. The owners work full time outside of operating the farm & need to justify taking a day off from work to schedule a visit (which is understandable - but if only they knew how much I love baby goats!) - Pooey!

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