Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remy Rx - WARNING...Graphic Photos!!!

Remember the game of CHASE Omid & Remy love to play? I am happy to report that Remy has been on his best behavior lately & the two are back to just chase..not chase & bite. :) Today...they played chase for a few minutes. After dinner, we took Remy for a run (another game of chase - but without the Vespa this time) and he immediately stopped & held up his right paw. Omid checked it and this is what he found.... Owie!
Owie, owie, owie!

Omid & Matty administering first aid.

Poor Baby!

Omid & Matty giving Remy luvin's! We also gave Remy several drops of Rescue Remedy to calm him. RR works wonders on humans too!

While his front foot was soaking...Matty noticed one of the nails on the back right foot was bleeding too.

Tears!!! I had tears too...but I had important photos to document!
I love you Remy!

I see a future veterinarian. Discounts to friends & family!

Two bandaged paws.

Nas giving Remy lots of LOVE!

This is the video I took where Remy took off after Omid. This is when we noticed Remy limping. Boo hoo.

Nas trying to cheer Remy up. Look how happy Remy is...always wagging that tail - trying to make us feel better! Because he is such a GOOD BOY...I opened a brand new package of Barky Bits and Nas gave him half the bag! You get the other half tomorrow, Remykins!


bgygi said...

Poor baby!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Poooooorrr Remyyyyy!!!!!!

Laurel said...

You're right it wasn't updating on my blogroll, I'll fix that.

What made his poor paw bleed? Sad. I'll take Matty up on the free Vet care after all I helped shape is mind. :)