Friday, June 26, 2009

What a shocker about Michael Jackson! My goodness! Nas & I were in the Abercrombie store (she can afford it, I can't - seriously...$80 for a TANK TOP!?!) & I heard one of their employees say to another, "did you hear Michael Jackson died today?" I turned to Nas and said, "did you hear that?" I whipped out my phone to check out CNN, but I couldn't get any service in that store. So...while Nas was paying for her purchases, I asked the cashier. He said it was true. We left Abercrombie & I was able to get a signal & check CNN. True. Wow. When we left the mall, every radio station in town was playing MJ songs. I will always remember that I was in Abercrombie when I heard Michael Jackson died. Just like I remember shopping in Albertson's when my dad (who worked there) came out & told us Elvis had died. When we got home, my aunt called my mom sobbing to ask her if she'd heard. This aunt was an Elvis nut. The real shocker was that when I called my sister at five to gab about stuff, she had no idea Michael Jackson had died. I think she thought I was kidding.
Anyways, I feel so sad for Michael Jackson's kids. :(

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