Thursday, June 4, 2009

R & R

I am currently on a mini vacation in San Diego. The person most qualified & trusted to watch my 3 loved ones is my sister Brenda. She knows where everything is (schools, doctors, after school activites & where my kid's various friends live), not to mention Nas & Matty's favorite foods. She knows just how long & how often Remy needs a walk/run & when he needs to go out. She was able to take over my life without even blinking! And I was able to leave without any worries!

Thanks B for taking over without a hitch! I so appreciate & love you!

P.S. = Do you mind terribly if I stay until Sunday?! Thanks!!

(just kidding!).

Omid and I are staying here: check it out!

Pictures should be posted tomorrow night!


bgygi said...

It has been a pleasure!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Enjoy your getaway!