Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping Part Two

Sorry for the tease on the last blog post...Pullman is Part Three (I forgot all about our Snake River adventure so this is part two).

Roasting marshmellows at Hell's Gate SP.


After we left Lewiston, we decided to spend the day boating in the Snake River Canyon. We spotted this moose swimming in the Snake River!

I forgot to add this pix for the last post. Omid remembered this sign from years ago. It was so cute. Click to enlarge.

Jack & Remy playing with sticks.


Omid & Ward relaxing on the river.

Bath time!

"I'm gonna wash that gray (stubble in this case!) right outta my hair."


Nas driving the boat.
We spent most of the day enjoying the 80*+ weather. Such a welcome change from Wallowa Lake. When we left there Friday - the temp was 49*!
Next up: PULLMAN!!!

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The Rinkels said...

Seeing that moose would have made my day. So cool!