Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pullman Part Two

We left campus after about an hour and half (NOT nearly enough time!!!!) and headed downtown. Mechanical Engineering Lab (lots of fun times for Omid!)


Swilly's Retaurant. This used to be our favorite hangout.
Best Nanaimo bars ever!

Pizza Pipeline!
Good, cheap pizza.

Darling poster for the Lentil Festival.
Lentil ice cream anyone?

We wanted to stay in Pullman, but the two hotels that accept pets were full. We booked a room in Colfax at the Best Western Wheatland Inn. It was spic & span and full of Dachshunds. Remy thought they were cute. Most of the dogs just barked at Remy. One of the Dachshund owners wore this tshirt.


(Heidi: great gift idea for Kurt!).

Coming up next: Wheat fields!

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The Rinkels said...

Love the shirt! Now I want Pizza Pipeline. Oh my goodness, the memories.