Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tammy & I were feeling really spoiled tonight. First, we got to go out to dinner on Sunday night. Then, our husbands took us out for dinner again tonight. We ate at the Departure Lounge. Wow!

The view at the rooftop bar was AMAZING! We had some cocktails & took some photos. I also saw a girl Nas knows from school getting her senior portraits taken on the roof. Cool! Jeff & Tammy

Tammy & I

Omid enjoying the view...AND the company!

Jeff-telling us how he found this place.

This was the calamari appetizer for the four of us. This restaurant has teeny, weeny plates to share. Needless to say, we were still hungry when we left.

Omid & I

After dinner, there was a Japanese businessman waiting for the elevator with us. Omid speaks some Japanese (took a Berlitz course a while back). The man was so excited and they were talking in Japlish (Japanese-English). Then, the man invited 7 other of his friends to come and meet Omid. Omid asked where in Japan they were from. The Senior of the group answered: "JAPAN! JAPAN!" with a lot of enthusiasm. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh out loud. It was so, so funny! After we walked off the elevator, they took Omid out to the curb with them and they all shook hands. Too cute!

We thought we might take a detour to Voodoo Donuts again, but I said let's try Krispy Kreme instead. I was SURE they were open 24 hours. We drove all the way out to Clackamas to find out they closed at 10 pm. 46 minutes too late. We were certain there was a Dunkin' Donuts down the street...but it has now been turned into Blue Fin Sushi. So...we ended up at Safeway and bought a dozen donuts there. Dessert at last!!


Chris and Sarah said...

You and your donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sbaily said...

How do you and Tammy keep your figures with all those donuts?


Those small portions at the restaurant made me laugh. On our anniversary a few years ago, Mark and I splurged at a very fancy restaurant in Walla Walla. The portions were ridiculously small, and the prices were equally ridiculously large. We left starved and went to DQ for dessert. CRAZY! But such a fun memory. Looks like you all enjoyed a very fun evening.