Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Am I the only one?

This post is dedicated to Sarah (who put the thought in my head...again).
The reason I am doing this crazy post today is because my friend Sarah posted on FB that she was watching season 4 of Little House on the Prairie. You know, the episodes where Mary goes blind. Immediately after reading that....I thought of Adam. Then I thought of Lindsey Buckingham. This happened when I was young too, all because Season 4 of LH was on tv about the same time that Lindsey Buckingham's ridiculous song, Go Insane was always on the radio or Friday Night Videos. These two will always be linked for me. It's crazy. Lindsey Buckingham
Linwood Boomer, aka Adam.

My favorite Fleetwood Mac song....Never Going Back Again. I have to think about this song to get Go Insane out of my head!


bgygi said...

They are TWINS!

erinz said...

I knew it!

Chris and Sarah said...

You are not imagining it!!!!!


Yup! They look alike to me. Leave it to Sarah to inspire this post! :-)