Monday, August 10, 2009

Pullman (at last!) Part One - WSU

After spending most of the day on the river, we FINALLY made it into town. One of the best parts of the trip was looking at the wheat, barley & lentil fields. They were so beautiful!


Pullman at last!!! WSU here we come!

Driving up Stadium Way onto campus.

Walking in front of the old Bookie. The new Bookie is in the cub. Unfortunately, it was closed. No new WSU garb for me this time. :(

Bryan Hall

Holland Library

The CUB Mall

The stadium.

Go Cougs!

Even the dumpsters have school spirit!

Future Cougs!

Most of the campus grounds were under construction. All of the roads that I remember on campus are now pedestrian-only walkways. This is by Fulmer Hall. So nice & new.

Thompson Hall (peek-a-boo).

Omid in front of Sloan (engineering bldg)

Thompson Hall again.

The Coug - it looked like it had closed down. Too bad, so sad. I wanted to go in and look for my name scrawled on the wall. :(

Regents Dorm
(where I lived before Omid swept me off my feet & we ran away to get married. By the heart still skips a beat when I hear his key in the lock. Love you baby!).

We walked over to Greek Row. Ward standing on where his fraternity USED to be. It was condemned & demolished.

Lin with her sorority house

The trip to Pullman would not be complete without a trip to Cougar Country Drive In!

Waiting for our food!

Beats Top Burger hands down!

The kids inside the new CUB. Yes, that is a Barnes & Noble Cafe in there.
Mother's Cuboard what happened to you??!
I had a video to share...but it's taken over an hour to upload it. I will try again later!
Coming up: Downtown Pullman


The Rinkels said...

Was this an "accidental" surprise so Nas could see her future school? I've already informed my kids that their GET accounts won't work at UW. Hey, what ever it takes!
Go cougs!

erinz said...

No, it was so funny - my sister thought the same thing! It was wishful thinking on my part and I am so happy it happened. We already plan to go back for an 'official' campus visit for Nas. That way she can stay in a dorm/eat the dining hall food, etc.

bgygi said...

Exactly what I was thinking - where is Mother's Cupboard???