Friday, August 21, 2009


Something disturbing happened to me at breakfast this morning. I poured my Raisin Branch Crunch into a bowl like I always do and was just about to pour the milk when I noticed a SPIDER! In my cereal! I usually don't mind spiders and will move them outside, but this guy was particularly ugly and fast. I also didn't like the fact that he was ON MY BREAKFAST. I turned to grab my camera to shoot a pix of him on my cereal but he escaped. I finally found him and grabbed a napkin and mushed him. I feel better now that he is gone, but I can't bring myself to eat that bowl of cereal. Yuck.


Laurel said...

I wouldn't eat that cereal, and truthfully, I'd throw the box away. Spiders creep me out!

erinz said...

I did throw it away. I am just hoping he came from my house and not the factory. The whole thing is just gross.