Monday, August 24, 2009

Out & About

Omid, Matty, Remy & I decided to spend the day on the Columbia yesterday. Nas opted to hang out with her friends instead. On our way to the boat launch, we stopped at QFC for some Coke & ice. The Swedish Fish people were there giving away free samples of Swedish Fish & Sour Patch kids. Matty made a guess as to how many Swedish Fish were in the tank.
I hope he wins!
Heading to a fishing hole.


Wishing he'd brought his iPod.

We stopped at Lady Island to have a bbq. Matty threw sticks for Remy to fetch. The sun finally came out and it was warm. Loved it.

Remy decided to jump off the back of the boat & swim.
He was just like a kid. Once he'd jump off, he'd swim around, climb back up the ladder and jump off again. Remy must have done this 10 or 11 times. It was so cute.



Chris and Sarah said...

I love that last picture!!! I also always wished that Goliath was a swimmer....

The Rinkels said...

I didn't know there were Swedish fish people.
Napolean voice: "Lucky!"
That looks like a fun day.