Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lacamas Lake Half Marathon

Me (in my Bigfoot pose) at Mile 11
Today I participated in the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon. I didn't do as well as I did in the Capitol City Marathon in May. I blame it on my knee. I hurt it last week in the Lakefair 8K run. I stretched it all week - but the knee failed me today at the 5 mile mark. It simply refused to cooperate & I had to walk the last 8 miles. I was so disappointed.

Here are my stats for today's race.

I came in 745 out of 765 half marathon participants (at least I wasn't last).
I finished the half marathon in 3:12:50.
14:43 a mile.
I came in 92/97 in my age division (40-44) - again: not last!
I was 421/440 females in the half marathon.

I saw two people quit. One woman called her husband at mile 11 and had him pick her up. Too bad - she was almost there! The other woman quit at mile 8.5 and had race officials pick her up. I felt really bad for her - her back went out & she was sideways. :(

What I didn't like about this race: the 5 miles on the Heritage Trail. My knee hated this! It was rocky and I was in pain the entire time. And...the electrolyte solution. It tasted like B vitamins. I took it at every checkpoint and almost gagged everytime! YUCK!

What I liked: local race & I knew several people running it. My friend Jane started out with me and after .25 miles, took off like the wind and was several miles ahead of me. Go Jane! Also, at Mile 12, Matty met up with me, brought me a bottle of water and we walked the last mile to the finish line together. What a sweet boy!

Mile 12 with Matty

Next half marathon: Possibly the fundraiser for Matty's Cross Country team at the high school in September (IF I can get my knee to cooperate). If I can't, then I want to try the Girlfriends' HM in October (Thanks Rachel for the info!).

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