Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make This!!

Lime Milkshakes!

I tried to make another batch of vanilla ice cream today -but the freezer bowl wouldn't cooperate. Apparently, it has to be frozen for a minimum of 24 hours to make ice cream. So...we did the next best thing. I took the semi-frozen ice cream mix, poured it in my blender, added a handful of ice cubes and half a can of limeade concentrate (frozen). I mixed it all up and we had ourselves 3 large milkshakes. They tasted exactly like Sonic's Lime Chillers - minus the maraschino cherries.

I will definitely make these again!

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The Rinkels said...

That sounds so good. The kids have been asking me to make ice cream and I keep forgetting to put the dang bowl in the freezer.

I hope I have 2 cherry tomatoes soon! The wait is killing me. As it turns out, I'm not a patient gardener.