Thursday, July 22, 2010

Slappy Cakes!

The kids and I finally made it to Slappy Cakes! We have been wanting to try this restaurant for months. Nas & her friend Leah.
First try.

Nas & Leah added raspberries & chocolate chips to their pancakes. Matty added green onion & bacon. I added green onion, bacon & bleu cheese. YUM!



I love the bacon in this pancake. It reminds me of Cake Spy.

Perfecting the 'flip.'

My delicious pancakes. Leah & Nas were gagging when they smelled my bleu cheese. They missed out - these were the best!

Matty's giant pancake. This one took 10 minutes to cook!

Finally feeling full!


The Rinkels said...

What a cool idea for a restaurant. I've never heard of it.
p.s. Yours sounded yummy!

Chris and Sarah said...

I love that place!