Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lakefair Run 2010

We spent the weekend in Olympia to celebrate my dad's birthday and to also participate in the Lakefair 8K run on Saturday. It was fun! Pinning on Nas' bib.

Omid publicly expressing his opinion.

"You will eat my dust!"

Getting ready for the starting gun. The funny thing was...there was no starting gun. Just a guy with a megaphone who yelled, "GO!"

And we're off!


I caught up to Nas at mile 1.37. I never caught up to Matty. He took off and I didn't see him again until right before I got to the halfway mark. He was already on his way to the finish line.

Capitol Lake

After the race.

Matty came in first. He finished the 8K in 42 minutes. I crossed the finish line 17 minutes later. I finished in 59:40. Nas & Omid crossed the finish line together at 1:07.

Poor Omid sustained an injury at mile 2.5 and had to catch a ride with 'the guy who picks up the cones.' Omid caught sight of Nas, had the guy drop him off and then the two finished the race together. To be fair Omid took off his race number so his time wouldn't count.

Afterwards, we went to breakfast at Cascadia Grill (on 4th & Columbia). Both the food & the prices were good!

Well-deserved mimosa with my breakfast.

Check this out: I get to wear a nifty knee brace!
This is what happens when you take up running in your 40s!

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The Rinkels said...

Good job!!
So cool that the whole family ran the race. Very awesome.