Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Fun Part 5

We decided to take a break from the Disney parks and visited Universal Studios.

Omid & the kids visited the Simpson's Kwik-e-mart.

After the Simpson's ride, we took the tram tour!

Ferrari from Magnum PI

This is a house on the Desperate Housewives set. Does it look familiar? It should. The former address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

The Munster's Mansion

House from Psycho

War of the World's set

Matty & Billy Bush

The Blues Brothers

Sacre bleu!

Inspector Clouseau!

Churro Sundae
Matty purchased a DUFF energy drink from the Kwik-E-Mart.


We only spent half a day at Universal Studios (Disney has a lot more to offer!).

Since we were in Hollywood, we headed over to the Sunset Strip.

Michael Jackson's star (one day before the one year anniversary of his death).

One of my favorite actors!

Another favorite!

Graumann's Chinese Theater
Outside the theater, are all kinds of tour buses. We found out it would be about $25 a person to take a tour, + a $10 tip (per person) for the driver. We were too cheap to do that, so we did the next best thing instead.....

...we followed a van tour for a while!

The van stopped at lots of homes in Beverly Hills - we guessed they must have been celebrity homes; but since we weren't on the tour, we had no idea which celebrities.
After a bit, we decided to head back to Disney (since that's where all the fun was). On our way back, we stopped at a stoplight on the Sunset Strip. Guess who was also stopped at a light? Benjamin Bratt! He was our one and only celebrity sighting. It was exctiting!

I really wanted to stop and eat at this restaurant during our visit. It's super close to Disneyland. After spending lots of $$$ visiting the Disney parks, we felt like po'folks.

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