Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Treat!

For once, our local newspaper, The Columbian had an article worth reading. I just happened to read the paper today & noticed there was a new cupcake place in town, called TREAT. I was so excited, as this is the first of it's kind in Vancouver, where PDX has several very good cupake joints (Cupcake Jones & Saint Cupcake). Nas & I had errands to run, so I decided to make TREAT one of our stops. I am so glad I did. I bought a 6 pack for my family and a darling 2 pack for my friend Tammie (it is her bday afterall). HB TAMMIE! Yummy red velvet

Snickerdoodle, coconut cream, red velvet, triple chocolate & PB&J.

6 pack: one coconut cream, one snickerdoodle, red velvet & triple chocolate.

Try this place! It's so cute & the owner is very nice (& gives out cupcake punch cards)!
TREAT is located at 210 W Evergreen Blvd in downtown Vancouver.

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