Monday, September 19, 2011

Buy This!

Cougar Gold Cheese!
Cougar Gold cheese is normally found at Ferdinand's in the WSU Creamery in Pullman (Go Cougs!), but for a limited time, you can find it at Costco stores in Washington. Yay!

A few years ago, Omid and I purchased a can of Cougar  Gold for my inlaws. The cheese had been patiently sitting in their fridge all this time. Saturday, I asked if I could have it back. Not the nicest thing to do I know, but the Cougar Gold was calling my name. It needed to be loved, consumed & appreciated (by me!).
Even Remy appreciates the canned cheese. ☺

Fun fact: Cougar Gold is aged one year before being sold. Click on this article to read about a can of 23 year old Cougar Gold that was recently opened & consumed. A fun read.

Here are some yummy recipes using Cougar Gold. I've made the mac 'n cheese before & it's absolutely delicious! I plan to bake the raspberry bars on Wednesday. I cannot wait!

While I'm touting 'Coug' products, Omid spotted this Cougar Tracks ice cream made by Umpqua Dairy. Go Cougs! Peanut butter ice cream, fudge & caramel filled chocolate footballs. Yummy! 
To be fair, Umpqua Dairy made UW, OSU & UO ice cream too. They are all share the same flavor. AND...a portion of each sale goes back to the schools. We found our ice cream at Winco, but I am sure other stores carry it as well.
We enjoyed our ice cream while watching the game on Saturday.
We lost, but we love our Cougs win or lose!

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