Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make This!!

Homemade Thai chicken pizza.

This is our new favorite pizza. I used this recipe is from Trader Joe's.
We use a lot of satay sauce at our house & purchase it in bulk.
Sadly, this jar had gone bad. I opened it up and it smelled rancid; so I made my own!
You can too! Click here for the satay sauce recipe. It's easy!

Homemade satay sauce tastes best with JIF!
Fun Fact: I love JIF.
I guess I'm a 'choosy' mom, as that's the only peanut butter I will buy.
It stems from growing up on Adams Natural Peanut Butter.
I promised myself (way back when) that I would buy JIF for my kids.
It's all I buy for Remy too!

Why does this satay sauce look like brownie batter?
Because I substituted basalmic vinegar for the rice vinegar (we were out!).
Roasted chicken mixed with half the satay sauce. The other half is for the pizza dough.
I used this recipe for pizza dough. All in all, the pizza was pretty tasty. ☺

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