Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Lucky

Last night, I was feeling extremely lucky. Earlier in the afternoon, Matty asked me to play "pasoor" with him so he could practice & try to beat his dad (Pasoor is a Persian card game). I groaned as I never (ever!) win that game. Actually, no one ever wins against Omid in this game. So I agreed to play just two games with Matty. Well, I was shocked and somewhat excited as I won those two games. I couldn't believe it. Yay for me!
When Omid came home, Matty and I had a rematch. I won again! We had another rematch. Again a win for me. What a streak of luck for me! I wanted to test the luck theory and asked Omid to play me. I knew that if I beat Omid...I should definitely go and buy a lottery ticket! Omid & I played and I won. Let me just say right here, I won fair & square...he didn't let me win.
I was so excited I got in my car and ran to Fred Meyer. I bought 2 Lotto tickets (which I haven't bought in years) & picked up some thick Greek yogurt & ice cream for dessert (which were on sale!). Once I got home, I made delicious borani (yogurt with fresh baby spinach & shallots) which was super delicious. Omid tested it and said it was awesome. Wow! What a great night. Hope I win Wednesday night's drawing!

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