Friday, March 27, 2009

Matty + Cast = Happy Mom

Matty finally got his cast this morning. I called our insurance company and they confirmed I didn't need a referral for a cast (Thanks Patrick for the info!). I called Rebound the minute they opened and made an appt.
Matty chose the cast with the Gore Tex lining. It's waterproof (who knew!) and he doesn't have to wrap the arm in a bag while showering. Though I am so nervous...I just may make him do that.

Cool green !

Matty said once he got to school, the pens came out and it was covered in signatures. Once I got back to school, I called the Vancouver Clinic and I am sure scared the customer service rep to death (poor girl). I started a letter, but became so worked up, I decided to call instead. I gave names, numbers & incidents. We'll see what happens the next time anyone in my family breaks a bone!

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