Monday, March 23, 2009

Reality Bites

Omid bought me a new phone this weekend. It comes with all sorts of bells & whistles. I can add stuff too. One 'tool' I added yesterday was called Lose It! It's a neat little site where I can add each & everything I eat or drink in a day. I added this because since I've turned 40, my metabolism has changed and I can no longer eat what I want. It was wonderful for 40 years, but now it sucks. It really does.
I have been ignorantly eating and 'estimating' my calorie content. I am not so concerned about the fat content as I am the sugar. There is hidden sugar in everything! I would occasionally write down what I ate, but never the calories, fat or sugar information.
So yesterday, I put my current weight in the application, then added the weight I want to be. The phone calculates how many calories I should be eating everyday. I can also add exercise (walking, etc.). It also estimates when I will lose the weight (if I stick with this program). I could pick .5 lb, 1 lb, 1.5 lbs, 2 lbs, etc weight loss per week.
We'll see if this program helps me or not. So far...I am starving on the 1600 calories I am allowed each day. It makes me miss the 2500+ diet I used to have. Here's the formula without the phone application: The formula is 14x (the weight you want to be)=How many calories you should eat daily
**I wish our school was doing the Biggest Loser. Another school in our district is and it sounds fun. Everyone puts in $5 and the person to lose the most weight at the end of the year wins the pot. Cool!


Arezou said...

How cool...Is it an iphone?

Also, was it your anniversary the other night? Isn't it March 30th? Okay, if I missed it (again!!!), I am sorry -- Many congrats. You should blog about it, like advice for women. How to keep your marriage going strong and have fun doing it.

Chris and Sarah said...

I'm doing 1200 calories a day... I'm just now getting used to it!
300 breakfast
400 lunch
500 dinner

Lost 19 pounds so far! (And, by the way, you look like you could GAIN 19 pounds and still weigh under 100.... so there.)