Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out & About

Last night we went out to dinner with Lin, Ward, Jeff & Tammie. We haven't been out to dinner with them since December. Too long! Jeff picked the restaurant, A Cena in Sellwood. It was really good & not too expensive. TIP:We have started bringing our own wine with us to restaurants. It is much cheaper to pay the corkage fees than buying off the wine list. It's ridiculous how much the markup on wine is. We brought in 3 bottles and paid $15 a bottle corkage fees. This was good as the cheapest wine on the list was about $30.
Lin sampling a breadstick.

Lin & Tammie

Ward & Omid

Jeff (feeling cranky Texas lost in basketball yesterday).

Jeff (feeling happier after I told him Nas is looking at UofT as one of her college choices).
Omid & I eating chocolate lava cake.
Ward, Omid & I
After dinner we drove to Touche and played many, many games of pool. I was overconfident that I would do well (as I grew up with a pool table in our rec room). It seems its been way too many years as I played terrible. I sunk the ball in only two times. TWO! Unbelievable AND disappointing.
The girls.

Hey! If you look real close, you can see Omid making a face in the background. Ha!

Getting a much needed pool lesson.

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