Thursday, March 26, 2009

Matty - Update

If you remember on Tuesday, we rushed to the Urgent Care to check out Matty's wrist. The doctor on call told us it wasn' t broken just severely sprained. Matty should take it easy and not injure the wrist again. I asked for a note to excuse Matty from PE, but the doctor said he could do PE as long as he took it easy. She said the Radiologist would call us if anything turned out to be different. I thought we were out of the woods when we didn't receive a call from the Radiologist yesterday. Not so!
When we arrived home from school today, there was a message saying Matty did indeed have a broken wrist and needed to get to the doctor's asap for a splint as he was not to move his wrist! So Matty and I jumped in the car and you better believe the doctor got an earful from me. No doctor's note for PE - guess what Matty had to do today? Push ups! She was horrifed and apologetic. Now we have to wait for a referral for a cast. I was surprised that only orthopedists put casts on broken bones now. More waiting (I just hope they don't have to rebreak his bone!). I told them to rush the referral as we are leaving town soon for break. We are going up to the mountain. Matty isn't allowed to ski, snowboard or innertube. Poor guy! I wish we were going to Disneyland instead. At least then he could participate!


sbaily said...

That is awful!! Maybe next time you should take him to Doernbecher!

bgygi said...

so sorry Matty!!!!

Arezou said...

So sorry Matty and Erin. I can't believe the doctor. I hope they approve the cast right away. Poor Matty, I feel terrible that he has been living with a broken wrist and no cast.

The Rinkels said...

You better believe a very nasty note would be sent from this house if that were to happen. That's ridiculous! Heal quickly Matt!

Laurel said...

Patrick says: I hope Matty starts to feel better and receives the proper care he needs. It's sad what happened to him.

From someone that works in the field, and has had upwards of 40 broken bones in my life time....NEVER go to a clinic, at least not in the state of Washington.
1. WA does not require a board certified person to take x-rays. People in clinics taking x-rays have ZERO training. They pay their $35 to the state and get their license. Poorly positioned x-rays = mis-reads by doctors (not to mention the LACK of Radiation saftey.
2. In a hospital ER the x-ray is read right away by the Radiologist, ER doc, and if needed Ortho doc.
3. Someone fed you a line about ortho docs being the only ones that can place a cast.

If you need a good Pediatric Orthopedist, Dr. Christopher Achterman at Emanuel Hospital is probably the best in the Metro area.

Unknown said...

Mateen Joonn and Erin joon I am so so sorry for my beloved Mateen. Please kiss him. I pray for him to get well sooner.