Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here are a few updates on past posts.

Yesterday Remy received his Canines for Clean Water bandana in the mail. He was so excited and pranced around in it. I received a free window cling too. It's teeny tiny (about the size of a smaller Post It note). Very cute. I will send this photo of Remy in to receive my free 'stool tool.' The kids will really appreciate it I'm sure. :)
Remember the walking stick pets I acquired about 10 months ago? I had 3 originally. Well, the last of the 3 passed away on Thursday. That was Sydney. Bill passed away about a month ago. I have two new babies who will be living in Sarah's classroom sometime soon. I am done having WS as pets. There is a lot of selective reduction if you want these insects as pets. I wasn't prepared for that & I don't like doing it (it has to be done if you don't want 100's of WS at once). Sad but true. I was cautioned about that but didn't really take it too seriously. :(

Happier times.

I really love sillouhettes and have two of my kids. I want one of Remy too. They are so darn expensive. I found this site and Nas is going to make one of Remy for me. She took this shot of Remy as a starter. A fun project for break. Here's a link if you want to purchase vinyl sillouhettes.

Here is an updated photo of Matty's cast. You can see MARY hogged up a whole lot of space so Omid & I had to write small. Sadly, we weren't the first to sign the cast. Sniff, sniff. Oh! Here's an interesting tidbit....I was hoping Matty would choose green...but he told me it wasn't my 'hope' that influenced him. He asked a GIRL at school to choose his cast color! Wonder if that girl is MARY. Interesting.


bgygi said...

If it's not too hard, would Nas be willing to make some sillouhettes for me too?????

Laurel said...

1) Mary .. . hmmm. Our little boy is growing up!
2)Patrick works with Vinyl, I'll ask if that would be hard to cut out.
3)Remy is so hansome.
4) I will never own walking sticks.