Sunday, March 8, 2009

Backgammon & ice cream sundaes

Several nights a week, Omid and his mom play a competetive game of backgammon. Both always claim to win - the kids and I never really know the truth. If Omid's mom 'upsets' the game by moving the pieces around (which happens fairly often) we have a good idea that Omid is winning. Last night, the 'loser' had to take the kids out for ice cream. I was excited as I had found a coupon for Baskin & Robbins (buy-one-get-one free sundae) on the Coupon Cravings blog.

We drove to B & R and I announced to the person helping us that we have a coupon for a bogo free sundae. He said, "We don't accept any coupons here. You have to try another B & R." I was bummed. Those sundaes are $4.99 each! I also have a Payback book, so I guessed he just didn't want to accept internet coupons (plus, I don't like to be told: no). I said to him, "Well, I also have a Payback book cooupon for a bogo ice cream cone." He again told me, "we don't accept coupons here," and pointed to a sign that said, "EACH STORE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED & MAY NOT ACCEPT COUPONS."

So...instead of driving to Cold Stone (where I KNOW they will accept my coupons) we stayed there and got the kids their sundaes & Fari her ice cream cone. We were the only ones in that store & I would think the owner would WANT business there. My advice to him...start accepting coupons. I won't be back to your B&R store again...but will visit Cold Stone instead. Everyone is using coupons now. Get on board!

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Anonymous said...

Actually Bryan Rodgers was there!!! And my sundae was $5.49!!! yummmy.