Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Case of the Missing Brown Bag Lunch

My friend Lin brought me lunch today. She said, "It's a brown bag lunch with a sandwich and a few snacks. Your name isn't on it, & it's in the small fridge." I told her 'thank you very much' and was so hungry by first recess there was no way I was waiting until lunch to access that bag.

I went into the staff lounge and grabbed the lunch bag (without my name on - just like she said) and ate the sandwich. It was good too. Roast beef on whole wheat. Yum.

About an hour later, I saw Lin and thanked her for the lunch. She asked how I liked the turkey sandwich. I said, "That was turkey? It sure tasted like roast beef." Lin said, "No, that was turkey" and some other things that I didn't hear because I was thinking: 'Dang! I think I ate someone else's lunch!' I asked her if she put a bag of Cheez-its and a Jello in for snack. She said, "No, I went back after first recess and wrote your name on your lunch." Once I heard that I ran to my room to check my email to see if someone had put a lost lunch alert out. There was nothing there, so I decided to put my own "Are you missing a lunch because I just ate it" email.

After I sent the email, I took the brown bag + snacks and went to the staff lounge. Swallowing my pride, I held up the bag and asked about 20 people if they were missing a lunch. Two ladies held up their hands and I asked who had the roast beef & Cheez-its, etc. It was poor Ashley who is already deathly thin and needs to eat. She was eating chicken noodle soup instead. I explained to her and everyone else what had happened. I apologized profusely to Ashley and gave her the snacks I didn't eat plus the lunch Lin made for me (which now had my name PLASTERED on the bag).

I bet after this incident, Ashley (& everyone else at work) will write their names on their lunches. This'll teach 'em. :)


Chris and Sarah said...

I felt soooo bad for you, Erin! That's totally something I would've done. And - probably have and don't want to admit it. Good thing Ashley's a nice girl!

Unknown said...

Amazing incident.!!!!!From every incident we learn a lesson.