Monday, April 7, 2008

After an uneventful day at work, I came home with a sick child. I am hoping it's what he filled his gut with at school today and NOT the flu. Apparently, he sold (yes, sold) half of his lunch to a kid for $5. Then Matty went and spent some of the money on junk to eat. He came with me to a book study after track practice. I gave him an M & M cookie (thinking he was starving) to snack on while he did homework. After the book study, he said, "I don't feel so good." I asked why and he told me all the stuff he'd had. Great! He managed not to get sick in the car (yay!). He was allowed only things on the brat diet for dinner.

I made a super delicious spaghetti sauce. Deciding this super delicious sauce needed some red wine to accompany it, I opened a bottle of the Trader Joe's Charles Shaw $2.99 merlot. I saw it received 98 points (somewhere). Big mistake! I bought a bottle of it yesterday. I told Omid, "it's been years since I bought some & I can't remember why I stopped buying it." Well, now I remember why. It's horrible!

After dinner, we went over to Arezou & Evan's. They were gutting the house, getting rid of things they don't want to take back to Chicago with them. Needless to say, we left with the Excursion filled to the brim of things we didn't want Goodwill to have. Naseem & I argued over an Armani dress (thanks so very much, Arezoujoon!!!). I won. Can't wait for an 'evening' out where I can wear this gorgeous dress.

We left A & E's house around 8:30 p.m. (& should have headed home for bed), but Omid decided to drop in on Lin & Ward. We were only going to stay for 15 minutes, but stayed 45! When we left, Omid did a major burnout (with all our friends watching & a few of their neighbors too). Omid laughed the whole way home. He couldn't believe the smoke. He kept asking, "did you see how much smoke there was? Ha Ha Ha!" I told him I could see one neighbor looking out her window at us (while Omid was wildly revving up the engine) and knew her from school (yikes!). Omid had fun reliving his teenage driving years - that's for sure!

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