Saturday, April 5, 2008

Omid bbq'd London Broil for us tonight. It was soooo tasty. We also watched Napolean Dynamite (for the 100th time!). It was fun. It was actually the first time Omid had seen ND all the way through! Remy finally got his snuggle time during COPS & America's Most Wanted. It made up for the time he lost last night during our Apples to Apples game. What's left of our London Broil.
Snuggle time!



Anonymous said...

i like that picture I took of Remy and you.

Chris and Sarah said...

I LOVE that cuddling picture! You look suffocated, but in the best type of way!!!!!! Goliath hated resting on my lap till about a year ago. So fun! He's a total cuddle bug now.
:) S