Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lice isn't nice

One of my biggest fears is getting head lice.

This morning before school I was helping a youngster with the computer in my room. He handed me the headphones and said they weren't working. I really didn't want to put the headphones on as a lot of kids use them. Not that any of them have lice, but you know...I just don't want the headache of getting rid of them. I religiously clean the headphones with sanitizer before any other student can use them.

I put the headphones up to my ear (actually about an inch away) and tried to listen. I finally talked him into doing something else; as I really didn't want to put the h.p. on. When he left I quickly unplugged the headphones and plugged in a secret, 2nd pair I keep around just for me. Everything was working just fine and I think it was the other set of h.p. that was the problem. I sent the headphones to the computer lady and will get another working set.
Meanwhile, my secret h.p. went back in their hiding spot.

My head is itching just thinking about it.

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