Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today the kids and I went to the Steakburger restaurant over in Hazel Dell to play 36 holes of miniature golf. It was so sunny and unbelievably warm today. When we arrived, there was only three other people playing golf. By the time we were on the 4th hole, there seemed to be about 20 people starting to play. Matty got a hole in one on the first hole. Naseem got a hole in one on the 19th hole. I didn't get any holes in one, but I did get by with the least strokes (mostly par or under par). Must have been the golf clinic I took in HS, or...the golf genes in the family. :) Matty played like Happy Gilmore for a few holes. He abandoned that style after it wasn't working for him and he was receiving too many strokes. It was fun. One point that I found disconcerting was this place is right next to I-5. The freeway was right over the grey wall behind the kids in the photo.

Afterward, we went inside to get the kids milkshakes (caramel for Nas & rootbeer for Matty. This restaurant has been around for 45 years.

We came home and took the dogs for an hour long walk. They ran around the field for a while, sharing a stick, then finding a little old lady and her schnauzer. The hackles were up on all three dogs for a while. Once the sniffing was over, everyone was happy. Here are the boys waiting to go on their walk (Jack on the left, Remy is on the right).

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